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Learn the Photoshop essentials that will give you the ability to produce quality photos

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Adobe Photoshop CC Essential Training For Beginners 2018



What you’ll learn
  • Learn To Create New Files With Many Configurable Settings
  • Apply Several Types Of Layer Styles To Canvas
  • Being Able To Customize Resolution And Ability To Zoom In And Out
  • Removing Pimples/Imperfections from Faces
  • Remove Background Image From Person
  • Ability To Crop, Resize And Rotate Images
  • Downloading New Fonts Online To add To Your Collection
  • Grouping Layers Together
  • Must Have Photoshop Downloaded
  • No Prior Photoshop Experience is Required

The course goes thru the fundamental aspects of Photoshop which helps with editing

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and enhancing photos. My students will learn to efficiently customize their workspace and

toolbar in order to start editing in an effective manner to improve layering, masking and image

enhancing. if you are looking to learn more about Photoshop and want to learn about

the several masking and layering tactics then this is the right course for you!

This course will come alongside many techniques that will allow you to add clipping mask

effect and create a sharpening portrait effect alongside a high dynamic range portrait

I have several years of experience with Photoshop including designing web, creating

advertisements and even designed a few newspaper ads. I have also been doing freelance work

for over a decade now. I have also taken classes the range from digital production to designing artwork.

This course is broken down into the following way, which will allow for a linear growth in learning

  • Interference
  • Tools for Everyday Projects
  • Start Adding Layers
  • Begin Playing With Masking
  • Start Using The Selection Tool
  • Using Typography
  • Masking Out With The Pen Tool
  • Covering Colors And Swatches
  • Creating An Optimized Work Flow
  • And Much More!

With all that being said if this course matches your needs then enroll today

and let’s start exploring the capabilities of Photoshop!

Who this course is for:
  • Great for beginners looking to dive into the world of Photoshop
  • Not Recommended for advanced students who know the basics of Photoshop

Learn the Photoshop essentials that will give you the ability to produce quality photos


Adobe Photoshop CC Essential Training Beginners

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