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Learn blues guitar and tricks of the trade from an international award winning blues guitarist

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Blues Guitar Lessons for Intermediate and Advanced players





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What you’ll learn
  • You will learn how to play blues from an active award winning blues musician.
  • Jam with LIVE recorded studio backing tracks.
  • This course will teach you all the chords and scales you need to know to improvise blues rhythm and solos with any live blues band in any key.
  • You will learn live jam session etiquette so that you can take what you learn in this course to any blues jam to look and feel like a pro.
  • Learn the foundations of playing ‘by ear’ rather than theory, just like the blues legends.
  • Learn how to read other musicians while on stage to get a feel for where the song will go progression wise on the fly without having to know the song before hand.
  • Learn plenty of riffs and licks to play on blues progressions and turnarounds
  • Nashville Number System
  • Learn to talk blues guitar terms
  • How to use a pick AND pick with your fingers
  • Hammer ons
  • String bending
  • Sliding notes
  • Guitar tone
  • Amp settings
  • Volume control
  • Pull offs
  • & more …
  • You need to already be playing the guitar and have a basic understanding
  • You need a guitar! And internet and electronic device to watch! 😊
  • The willingness to put in the time and effort to become better. The ‘woodshedding’ as we call it. This course won’t magically make you a solid player, but it will point you in the right direction with the right mind set and attitude. Do this and you will become a much better player than you are today.
  • A phone to record yourself playing to the background tracks. (if you want to participate in this exercise)
  • A computer with speakers to access the videos, download course content and playback the backing tracks.

The course requires you have the basics as I will teach intermediate and advanced ways to play rhythm guitar as well as ways to solo (up and down the neck) like a pro with a variety of backing tracks. 

I will teach you many of the things I have learned over the past 30+ years. 20+ years of which I toured with and opened for major blues artists at countless blues clubs and major blues festivals.  Feel free to GOOGLE ‘James Buddy Rogers Blues’. You will find out more about what I have done and how I am as a player.


The one thing I can’t teach you is, experience!

When considering this course consider this:

  • You get to connect and learn from an active award winning blues professional
  • Get FREE backing tracks (The value of these tracks is worth the course price alone!)

If you put in the time and practice what you will learn in this course you will have the skills and confidence to:


  • Get out of the garage and go sit in with any blues band at any local jam
  • Come across as a professional when you connect with other musicians and perform live
  • Play any blues song live without learning it before performing


The backing tracks are included as downloads


  • The backing tracks are not digitally fabricated. These tracks I physically went into the studio and recorded for this course purpose. Recorded with real live BASS and DRUMS! They will be a valuable resources for you to continue to use over the years to practice with.
  • You are NOT permitted to sell these tracks. They are for students to practice with.


Connect with me on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube to keep in touch, show me your progress and ask any questions you may have. Maybe one day if I make it to your town with my band, you can sit in with the band!

I hope you enjoy the course!

Cheers to the blues – James ‘Buddy’ Rogers.


Who this course is for:
  • Guitar players who enjoy blues style music and want to advance their understanding and skills.
  • For that player who wants to learn to play by ear and either has a band, goes to weekly jams or wants to get good enough to go out and play live.
  • If you have never played a guitar before at any level this course is NOT for you. Take my ‘Beginner’ course first.
  • You need to love blues music. I know blues and this is what I will teach.
  • You need to be comfortable with basic guitar chords and have attempted to solo.
Learn blues guitar and tricks of the trade from an international award winning blues guitarist
Blues Guitar Lessons for Intermediate Advanced

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