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Build Advanced Android and ios Apps Using Flutter-Firestore. Advanced Flutter Firestore Query, Flutter Complex UI Design

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Flutter Build a Complex Android and ios Apps Using Firestore



What you’ll learn
  • Flutter Complex Android and ios App Using Firestore. You Will be Able to Publish it on your Google Play Store and Apple App Store
  • You Will have a Complete App to Show in Your Portfolio that Will Help You a Lot to Get Your Dream Job
  • How to Build Android and ios Apps Using Flutter
  • Flutter App With Firebase Firestore Backend
  • How to Build a Production Ready Mobile Application Using Flutter
  • Flutter Material Design
  • Firebase Firestore Advanced Query
  • Flutter Custom Material Bottom Bar
  • Flutter Complex Material UI Design


  • A Windows PC, Mac or Linux Computer
  • Android Studio or VS Code

Welcome to this (Flutter Build a Complex Android and ios Apps Using Firestore)App Development Course. In This Flutter Course Students Will Learn How to complete a Real World ios and Android Apps Using  Firebase-Firestore.

When you will develop this Flutter App. Here is Some Lists That You Are Going To Learn By The End of This Course:

  • A complete complex app using flutter
  • Flutter advanced material design
  • Flutter Different types of widgets
  • How to build a real world android and ios apps using flutter
  • Flutter Different packages
  • Flutter Navigation Drawer
  • Flutter AppBar
  • Flutter Linear Gradient
  • Flutter Custom Alert Dialog
  • Show Data into Custom Alert Dialog
  • Flutter Custom Bottom bar
  • Flutter Material Design
  • Flutter Card View
  • Flutter Widgets
  • Flutter Row and Column
  • Flutter ListView Builder
  • Flutter Refresh Indicator
  • Flutter Circular ProgressBar
  • ios and Android App Development Using Flutter
  • You Will Build Real World Flutter Application.
  • Flutter Grid View
  • Flutter Grid View Builder
  • You Will Learn Flutter Vertical ListView

Sign Up Today And You Will Learn:

  • How To Become a Flutter Developer
  • How To Work With Firebase on Flutter app
  • How To Work With Firestore
  • How To Work With Complex Firestore query
  • How To Develop A Complete ios and Android App
  • How To Work With Flutter Future Builder in order to Get Data From Server
  • Source Code of This Complete Project

Do not get confused. i am fairly sure that you will learn a lot from this course.

Why you will listen me? Here is Some Feedbacks about my courses from my Students:

  1. “You are the best tutor so far in my years of learning online, the delivery is excellent, carefully explanation that makes it very easy to follow. Thank you soo much”
  2. “Best explanation of cloud firebase to understand. instructor made things so easy to understand.an interesting journey so far..looking forward for more such amazing explanations”
  3. “So far one of the best ones I have done! Thank You!”
  4. “Course is very impressive. Everything is explained step by step”
  5. “The Instructor and the Course is Top notch! one of my Best Flutter course collection. :)”
  6. A very good experience with the guide. First time in an online course i have seen someone explaining code after writing
  7. “I really happy because this course will teach us to make a Flutter application with one of case study example..”
  8. “This course is straight to the point and easy to follow. The example projects were very helpful too!”
  9. “I wanted an app development course that would show what is really important and that is what I got. I learned all features of Android for becoming Android developer. Certainly would recommend the course. “
  10. “Best android apps development course so far. First I learn basic of all android components. After that I learn how to develop real world android apps for client and App Store. I mostly like all firebase sections of this course. Instructor shows how to develop real world apps using firebase. After complete this section I learn a lot about firebase and I build many real world android apps. Thanks for your course.”
  11. “Best Android development course I have taken so far. The teacher has amazing teaching skills. He has the ability to describe all parts very clearly on a step-by-step basis. Highly recommended! “
  12. “Very well made course about Android Development. Will continue and hope to learn a lot more. I am very happy with what I have learned so far!”
  13. “This course helped me a lot to learn about firebase and flutter, many new things very useful for me”
  14. “this Course is Amazing and very Helpful , thanks instructor for your efforts”
  15. “It’s a good content beacuse it teaches you how to use firebase cloud firestore as backend for your project.”
Who this course is for:
  • Who is want to become a Flutter Developer
  • Who is Want to Build ios & Android App Using Flutter
  • Who is Want to Build Real World ios and Android Apps
  • Who is Want to learn Flutter Material Design
  • Who is Want to build a real word news portal app
  • Who is Want to become an expert on firebase firestore
  • Who is Want to learn advanced level firestore query

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