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React and Redux Masterclass

  • Basic Javascript knowledge (with ES6 syntax)
  • Web development basics like HTML structure, DOM tree
  • I will assume you know what React is, and preferably created at least one application
  • I will also assume you know Components, JSX, ES6 syntax and understand the data flow in React

Interested in building applications that scale well, are bug free and easy to maintain?

This is a course for you. I will show you how to write reusable React and Redux code.

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React is the library that modern Javascript developers need to know. Truly knowing how to write reusable React JS views and Redux reducers will get you a job, and enable you to build quality frontend applications.

Important: This course is concise and focuses on the ability to write decoupled React.js & Redux code.

All videos are professionally edited for your convenience.

Who is the target audience?
  • Those with Javascript skills who want to learn React library and start with good practices
  • Experienced React developers who struggle to maintain their projects
  • Anyone who strives to write reusable code using modern Javascript libraries
  • Redux users who embrace Flux architecture but use other library for Views than React
  • Those who struggle to write easily testable React or Redux code

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