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Learn to Model Texture Animate and Simulate a Complete Medieval Catapult 3D Model From Start to Finish

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Blender 2.8 Model Texture Animation & Simulation Full Guide





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What you’ll learn
  • Following through a complete guide on creating a 3D model of a medieval catapult
  • Using Blender 2.8 and understand its interface
  • Complete guide on marking seams & texture resolutions
  • UV mapping and UV unwrapping your model
  • Applying hard- and soft-edges
  • Explore and have fun with texturing and material creation
  • creating a fire & smoke shader within Blender
  • create a full armature from scratch
  • complete guide to animate your 3D model
  • Thorough work through of a working fire simulation
  • Learn how to use the powerful Blender 2.8 video editor
  • Blender 2.76 and above, Free to download Via the official Blender website
  • A basic working knowledge of the Blender UI

Blender 2.8 Model Texture Animate & Simulate Complete Guide

Course Description

Hi and welcome to this new 3D Tudor course, ‘Blender 2.8 Model Texture Animation & Simulation full Guide’. This is my most exciting course on the date.  


We will be creating a medieval catapult – the ultimate war-time machinery for ultimate casualty numbers. You will be familiar with those from your war simulation games, and this course will help you recreate this engineering masterpiece on your own.  



Texturing is perhaps the most important part of any 3D model. I will show you the most efficient and quickest ways of preparing a mesh for adding materials. We will be going over how to mark seems, how to correct texture resolutions, and how to UV unwrap.



You will be glad to know that this course comes with a library of resources that you are free to download and reuse in your other projects, or in the catapult project you upload as part of this course. I created all these textures and resources using Substance Designer, all custom made, specifically for this course.



This course will show you basic to intermediate skills of animating using Blender 2.8 software. We will be completing a complete armature from scratch, and you will learn how to place bones to help you make animating feel like a breeze. 



Have you ever wanted to learn how to build a full animation cycle? The learning outcomes of this course include creating a complete animation cycle in Blender 2.8. As part of animating this medieval catapult, we will be working on making it’s propelling motion realistic, working hard to make each individual component move in a hyper-real way.  


Fire is an essential component in every medieval catapult, and this course will also show you how to simulate a boulder’s flames. We will be simulating realistic fire and smoke using nothing more than Blender 2.8 to make a fully operable war machine.



Finally, after all the preparations for making a hyper-realistic medieval catapult model, truly worthy for a gruesome battlefield, we will be rendering the animation into a short film. You will learn how to use lighting from three high-dynamic-range images (HDRIs) – also include in this course for you to use, as a freebie.


Who this course is for:
  • Beginners to Blender or 3D modelling up to all levels of 3D artists

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