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MySQL database, SQL complete, best practices, Learn now!


What you’ll learn
  • You’ll learn from the basics to the advanced level on DataBases.
  • You’ll acquire deep knowledge from scratch to advanced on the Structured Query Language (SQL).
  • You’ll do practical and real exercises to obtain information from a DataBase.
  • Everything on Stored Procedures to a high level.
  • You’ll learn about about VIEWS in MySQL.
  • You’ll learn how to program EVENTS in the MySQL engine.
  • You’ll learn about one of the most popular free DataBase engine: MySQL.
  • You’ll learn about one of the best client tools for the management of MySQL: HeidiSQL.
  • You’ll have personalized support for your real life, work related, or thesis exercises.
  • You’ll learn about TRIGGERS in MySQL.
  • You’ll learn about TRANSACTIONS in MySQL.


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  • no requisites

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Nowadays, database knowledge is essential for the student or the consolidated professional.
Every software tool, or business system uses databases to store information that is necessary to work, and to store sensible information, such as clients, products, sales, details of sales, suppliers, and many more.

Learning what you need to optimize and normalize your databases is essential. This is a course that should be taken not only by people who already know about databases, but also by any professional who desires to optimize his or her databases to the maximum.

In this course, the student will have access to this 9 sections:

Concepts on databases.
Database normalization.
Advanced normalization and best practices.
MySQL databases.

SQL language (complete)
SELECT statement exercises
Advanced use of MySQL and HeidiSQL.
Stored Procedures
EER diagrams in Workbench.

Who is this course for?

Every student and professional who wants to learn from 0 to advanced about databases.
Every student and professional who wants to learn about MySQL as a database engine.
MySQL users who want to know how to use HeidiSQL.
Anyone who wants to learn about databases with no previous knowledge.
Every student and professional who works with databases, but it’s interested in the SQL language (universal).


Who this course is for:
  • Everyone that want to learn about databases or MySQL

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