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A hands on guide to learn angular programming from scratch.

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Learn Angular From Scratch



What you’ll learn
  • Angular Introduction
  • Expression
  • Data Binding
  • Scopes
  • Tables





  • text editor(like Editplus) but not mandatory
  • should have prior knowledge in HTML,CSS and Javascript

This course mainly focuses on learning AngularJs which is very useful in the web development field.


In this tutorial series you get to learn about it’s basics . it is a Javascript framework or a library which is in very demand. it is easy to learn and it is used in most web development today.


By enrolling in this course you will learn some of the essential basics in less than one hour you will get a very good grip on topics in AngularJs . By the end of it you will have a firm understanding of the concepts of AngularJs.


Who this course is for:
  • anyone who want to enhance their career in web development field

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A hands on guide to learn angular programming from scratch.

Guide to learn angular programming from scratch.


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