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A Step by Step Ubuntu OS Tutorial. Learn Ubuntu OS from Scratch and Improve Your Career.


What you’ll learn
  • By the End of this course, Students should have obtained Enough information needed to Easily operate the Ubuntu Operating System Graphically and from the Command Line.


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  • A Basic knowledge of using Computer and a Desire to Learn.

A High Benefit Course to Explain the Ubuntu Operating System For Beginners Step by Step.

“The Course is Compressed to Achieve the Course Goal in Short Time”.

Course Contents:

1. Beginning with the introduction of the Ubuntu Operating System and mentioning its history.

2. Ubuntu Pros & Cons.

3. Introducing the VirtualBox program and showing the step by step procedure of downloading and installing it.

4. Creating new Virtual machine for the Ubuntu OS.

5. Steps for downloading and installing the Ubuntu 18.04 OS.

6. Starting the Ubuntu OS.

7. Logging in and Logging out.

8. Introducing the Ubuntu OS.

9. Introducing the Shell or Terminal ‘the command line interface’.

10. Steps for adding and removing programs from the Ubuntu OS Graphically and using the Command line.

11. The Important Basic Commands of the Ubuntu OS.

12. Getting help using commands like ‘man – help – info – which’.

13. Overview of the Ubuntu File System.

14. Displaying and Setting Paths.

15. Navigating through the Ubuntu File System.

16. Creating, Copying, Moving, and Removing Files and Directories.

17. Finding Files using commands like “find”, ”locate”.

18. Linking Files.

19. Multi-user and Multi-tasking Process Types.

20. Interactive and Automatic Processes.

21. Daemons.

22. Linux Pipe.

23. The “grep” command.

24. The “sort” command.

25. Ubuntu Filter.

26. Process Attributes.

27. Displaying Process.

28. How to Create a Process.

29. How to End a Process.

30. Ubuntu Signals.

31. The “reboot”, “halt”, and “shutdown” commands.

32. Managing Processes.

33. Managing Priority and Niceness.

34. Managing Process CPU and Memory Resources.

35. Tuning System Performance.

36. Network Problems.

37. Disk Input and Output Problems.

38. Interrupting Processes.

39. Scheduling Processes using “sleep” and “at” commands.

40. Importance of Text Editors.

41. The Easy way to Learn the Vim Editor.

42. Introducing Ubuntu Virtual Terminals.

43. Starting Virtual Terminals and Navigating through them.

44. Virtual Terminals Shortcuts.

45. The Ubuntu System Administration.

46. How to Create a User.

47. How to Delete and Disable an account.

48. How to Add and Remove Users from The Usergroups.

49. The File Security in Terms of Ownership and Permissions.

50. The “chmod” Command.

51. Absolute and Symbolic modes.

52. Changing Ownership and Group.

53. The Bonus of the Course, Steps of installing “Qt Creator” on Ubuntu OS.

Who this course is for:
  • For Beginners who want to Learn the Ubuntu Operating System and Easily Operate it.


A Step by Step Ubuntu OS Tutorial. Learn Ubuntu OS from Scratch and Improve Your Career.


Learn about Ubuntu For Beginners from Scratch

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