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Learn Anglar 8, Angular form, Angular Authentication

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Complete Angular Course With Angular 8 Features.



  • Confidently speak about most of the essential concepts of Angular

    Solve most common bugs and issues in Angular applications


    Crack angular job interviews easier


    Secure Angular applications using the most-recommended – JWT Authentication






  • Intermediate level knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript is needed.
  • Basics of OOP Features, Classes, Objects and Interfaces
  • Basics of TypeScript
  • Basics of Bootstrap is required to understand UI part of the course



LEARN these HOT TOPICS in Angular 8:


  • Data Bindings
  • Bootstrap Integration with Angular
  • ngIf, ngFor, ngSwitch, Style Management
  • Built-in Pipes & Custom Pipes
  • Modules
  • Services and Dependency Injection


  • RxJS Basics, Observables
  • REST-API calls using AJAX with Asp.Net Core Mvc
  • Observable Map
  • CRUD operations with real databases
  • Authentication with Asp.Net Core Mvc and Angular


  • JWT Authentication for REST API end points
  • Http Interceptors and Http Headers
  • User Registration and Login in Secured way
  • Role Based Authentication
  • Secure Routes using Guards
  • Handle Forms in Efficient way with Reactive Forms and Form Builder


  • Component Communication with siblings, children and parent level, and with Custom events, RxJS Subject
  • ViewChild, ViewChildren, ContentChild, ContentChildren, ElementRef
  • Build custom pipes and directives
  • Pass route parameters in handle them in different ways


  • Create and secure child routes and animate them
  • Understand router events
  • Understand feature modules
  • Create Dashboard with Real databases and Charts
  • Create unit test cases for components and services
  • Understand Angular Zones
  • Understand handling XSS and XSRF, View Encapsulation
  • Understand basics of TypeScript classes and interfaces.


Who this course is for:
  • Everyone can learn angular a student or a professional


Learn Anglar 8, Angular form, Angular Authentication

Complete Angular Course With Angular 8 Features.

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