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The most efficient way to dive into Angular 2+ if you got limited time or need to refresh the basics!

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Angular 2 – The Complete Guide | 2020 Edition



What you’ll learn
  • Master the essential Angular concepts
  • Build highly reactive and user-friendly web applications running in the browser (driven by JavaScript)





  • Basic familiarity with HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • No prior knowledge of earlier versions of Angular is required

Learning Angular never is a wrong choice and with this course, it’s more correct than it ever was before! This course gives you the fastest and most efficient way of diving into Angular.


If you don’t want or can’t take my Complete Guide on Angular or you want to get a feeling for Angular before doing so, this course is for you! It’s also your #1 choice if you already know Angular but want to have resource for refreshing your basic Angular knowledge as fast as possible.


Whilst this course is much shorter, it gives you all the core insights into Angular you need. It focuses on the heart of Angular, the most important features Angular offers you and even shows you how to build a complete Angular app!


Telling by the length of the course, you might not believe it, but you’ll actually learn about all these topics:


  • What Angular is
  • What TypeScript is – including a super-efficient introduction to it
  • How to use the CLI to create Angular projects and manage them
  • How Angular apps start and work
  • Which role components play and how to use them
  • How to bind and pass data
  • How to debug your app


  • How to use other, 3rd party JS libraries in an Angular app
  • How to use directives
  • How you may manage application state with services
  • How to turn your SPA into an “illusionary” MPA with routing


  • How to handle user input with forms
  • How to send Http requests
  • How to build your project, optimize it and deploy it
  • Much more!


Who this course is for:
  • Web developers wanting to build apps with Angular 2+
The most efficient way to dive into Angular 2+ if you got limited time or need to refresh the basics!
Angular 2 – The Complete Guide | 2020 Edition

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