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Tinkercad based Circuits and Robots design from beginners to expert level.

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Learn Circuits with Tinkercad: Arduino based Robots Design




  1. Robotics and circuit related design using Arduino on Tinkercad platform

    Basics of circuits building.


    Understand Arduino operation and how to integrate external sensors to the board.


    Scratch programming for logical control of the robot.


    Simulations using Tinkercad to build a robot.


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  • Enthusiastic mind to learn robotics and circuit design
  • Basic knowledge of voltages and current flow
  • Logical thinking mind

The course “Learn Circuits with Tinkercad: Arduino based Robots Design” is designed for beginner level tech enthusiasts who want to dive into the field of the robot and circuit design using Arduino.


The course will teach about getting started with the Tinkercad platform and how to simulate Arduino based circuits using this platform.


Course content:


1. Introduction to Arduino and Robotics.

2. Basic circuit connections: Controlling LEDs and DC motors.

3. Understand the switches, pushbuttons, and batteries connections.

4. Control multiple motors with Arduino using scratch programming.


5. Connect the IR sensor and photo-resistor to make an obstacle avoider robot.

6. Use the Ultrasonic sensor to make a robot and home security system.


7. Use servo motors to make robotics Arms.

8. Simple project discussion using the integration of multiple sensors.


Who this course is for:
  • School students of grade 5 and above or university students who want to dive into hobby robotics
Tinkercad based Circuits and Robots design from beginners to expert level.
Circuits with Tinkercad: Arduino Robots Design

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