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Learn the absolute basics of HTML and create your own profile with these 11 short videos.


  • Core HTML concepts

    HTML Basics to build web pages quickly and easily






    The DOM


    HTML Semantics


    Selectors like classes and IDs



  • A desire learn coding
  • Do you have a computer? Good 🙂 There is no knowledge of programming required to take this course.
  • Interested in programming and web development


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HTML is so important and yet so simple to learn. Usually, simple basic stuff isn’t that useful but that’s not the case with HTML. It is a great first language for anyone.


HTML is nothing but a text file. It’s the foundation of every web application. It’s the skeleton and the structure of your page. It’s the entry point of every app. This means every time someone goes to your site the HTML file is the very first thing that the browser loads for them, before anything else, images, colors, words, buttons.


So in this course we’re going to make multiple pages together. We’ll be working with a version of HTML that’s called HTML5. Let’s do it.


Who this course is for:
  • Are you interested in coding? Want to learn basics of web development? This course is for you.
  • People with little to no coding experience
  • Beginner web developers


Learn the absolute basics of HTML and create your own profile with these 11 short videos.

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