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REST API development with SAILS

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Node Js: API Development with Sails Js Build REST API




What you’ll learn

  • Introduction about Node js and Node Js Frameworks
  • Build Rest API using Sails JS
  • Sails Js Intro and It’s Features


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  • Must be basic knowledge of Node js
  • Knowledge of Database
  • Familiar with IDE Visual Studio code, Notepad ++, Sublime
  • Learning Capabilities



Sails js is JavaScript back-end framework that is use to make custom and enterpise level node app in very easy way, it’s purpose for desinged to emaluate the familiar of MVC. it is used in both sacalbale and service oriented architecture APS.The basic feature is it’s good for bulding chat, real time dashboards or multiplayer games with any applications.


Sails js have one more feature that it have front-end package also with give you better enhancements.Whether you’re a front-end developer seeking to expand your back-end knowledge, or a server-side developer unfamiliar with using Node and JavaScript on the back-end, the common denominator. Sails js ALso famliar with Socket IO.

Sails is great for building everyday back-end apps that handle HTTP requests and WebSockets.




You can build many things with sails js like Hybrid Application thsese are applications that combine a JSON API with server-rendering views and serve dynamic pages with SEO features.

Sails js REST API are pure APIs which is used in application that fulfill request from one or more independent UI interface. here independent means the view made on any paltform like angular,react, Vue etc.


Why need sails js?


it’s 100% JavaScript

Foundation is solid form

it have Front-end features

it have auto generated API’s(Blueprints )

Connect with any most popluar database (Mysql,Mongo,Orient Db)

Powerful associations


Socket IO realtime with websockets

Realtime with WebSockets

Sails generators

Reusable security Policies


What you learn after this course


Sails Js Basic and Introdcution (What is Sails.js and Why you should use Sails js)

Setting up development environment from beginner level in VS COde

Debuging of JS in VSCOde

Datastores in Sails js

Blueprints in Sails js

REST API with CRUD operation

Set relationship between models

Building APIS from scratch with Authentication in Sails js


Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Node Js Learning Developer
  • Computer Science & IT Students
  • Student who want to start working on JS

REST API development with SAILS

Node Js: API Development Sails Js Build REST API

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