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From C++ fundamentals to advanced

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Lets Learn C++ and Make a 2D Dungeon Game!



What you’ll learn

  • Fundamental C++ into Advanced
  • Basic 2D Game Development


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  • Windows Operating System recommended


In this course I’ll start out your C++ journey from the beginning and move you through advanced whilst moving towards making a little dungeon game.

Everything is in here from the very starting points, so the course is good for beginners or those returning to C++ who want to brush up on their skills. At the college I used to teach at, this content would cover subjects C++ 1, C++ 2 and Basic Game Dev with C++ (each of those subjects cost like $1.5k AUD). If you are studying at a Uni or College, this course makes a good companion resource for those you with C++ subjects.

Through out the course I provide project check points and reference projects if you get lost along the way. This course runs a bit over 16hrs, so take your time on it. Here is a list of some of the things we run through on this course:

  • variables and math
  • input and output
  • if statement, while and for loops
  • arrays, 1d and 2d
  • classes, inheritance and polymorphism
  • pointers and dynamic memory
  • rendering and animation
  • basic 2d game logic
  • and a bunch more!

C++ is still very relevant in many software engineering jobs but also to lots of game engines such as Unreal. Its a good starting language for many looking to get into software development of some kind.

Let’s make a sweet dungeon game!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner coders/programmers interested in C++
  • Uni students looking for more C++ learning resources
  • C++ developers wanting to brush up on some skills and make a game

From C++ fundamentals to advanced

Lets Learn C++ and Make a 2D Dungeon Game!

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