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Develop robust & dynamic web applications using Django, the Python-based web framework. Become Full Stack Web Developer.

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Full Stack Web Application Development with Django Framework




What you’ll learn

  • Use Django to build powerful, robust, and dynamic web apps
  • Pursue a successful career in Full Stack Web Development with Django skills
  • Gain end-to-end knowledge of Django concepts and be able to apply them
  • Django Introduction & Installation
  • HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap
  • Create your first Project in Django
  • Create your first Application in Django
  • Function-based Views and Class-based Generic Views
  • Template Files and Static Files
  • Injecting Dynamic Content from View to Template
  • Django Template Language
  • Django Admin Interface & Customization
  • Models, Form handling, Redirecting in Django
  • Sending Emails in Django
  • Work with different types of HTTP Methods
  • CRUD Operations using Web API without REST Framework
  • Django REST API Application
  • Django Database API


  • Enthusiasm and determination to make your mark on the world!



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Django is one of the most popular and mature Python web development frameworks. Django lets you build better web apps quicker, and with less code. Django is an extremely popular and fully featured server-side web framework, written in Python. It allows you to quickly create web apps. It is fast, well-secured, and scalable.”


Why use Python based framework


Most of the Python users use Django as their primary web framework. Django also remains the most preferred Python framework with top organizations such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Spotify, Dropbox and many others using it. The framework addresses almost all the industry requirements as it is versatile and powerful, making it suitable for any project.


Course Objectives

  • Understand Django fundamentals and use its concepts to build and deploy robust web applications and apps
  • Understand the Django environment
  • Learn how to configure Django to liaise with powerful databases and create the Django admin interface
  • Learn about Django URL patterns and views and deploy Django applications
  • Become familiarized with the apps lifecycle and templates system
  • Build and deploy robust Django web apps
  • Integrate with RESTful web services
  • Build REST APIs with Django

Django – Course Syllabus

  1. Django Introduction
  2. Django Installation
  3. HTML5
  4. CSS
  5. JavaScript
  6. jQuery
  7. Bootstrap
  8. Creating Project in Django
  9. Creating Applications in Django
  10. Working with Views
    1. Function Based Views
    2. Class Based Generic Views
  11. Working with Files
    1. Working with Template Files
    2. Working with Static Files
  12. Injecting dynamic content from View to Template
  13. Django Template Language
  14. Working with Admin Interface in Django
    1. Admin Interface
    2. Django Admin Customization
  15. Working with Models
  16. Form Handling in Django
  17. Redirecting in Django
  18. Sending Emails in Django
  19. Working with different Types of Http Methods
  20. CRUD Operations using Web API without REST Framework
  21. Django REST API
  22. Database API

Who this course is for:

  • Python / Django Developers
  • Full Stack Software Developers – Python​/JavaScript​/Django
  • Newbies and beginners aspiring for a career in Web Development
  • Back End Python Django Developers
  • Web Developers (Django)
  • Anyone interested in learning Python / Django and become a successful Web Developer
  • Backend Team Leads – Python, Django
  • Senior Developers – Python/Django
  • Software Engineers – Python/Django
  • Technical & Solutions Architects
  • System Analysts
  • Web Django Framework Developers
  • Python developers interested in Django Framework and APIs

Develop robust & dynamic web applications using Django, the Python-based web framework. Become Full Stack Web Developer.

Full Stack Web Application with Django Framework

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