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Become a MEAN Stack Developer

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Become a MEAN Stack Developer: MongoDB; Express; Angular; Node




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  • Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS will be useful
  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript
  • Basic knowledge of MongoDB
  • Basic knowledge of Angularjs
  • Basic knowledge of Nodejs
  • Basic knowledge of Expressjs
  • Basic knowledge of routing and http methods

MEAN, a free, open-source, full-stack solution for MEAN applications. MEAN combines MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js into a single, full­stack solution for JavaScript development. 

This course introduces development techniques that capitalise on the strengths of every layer in the MEAN stack, using a simple shopping list application project that has a Backend server side Api built with Node , Express and MongoDB  and a Frontend client built with angular 6 that will exchange with  the backend Api . Data will be exchanged between a browser based client and an API  backend service .  You will learn the essential concepts of the MEAN stack .

Learn how to create a component and a form for users to add new  items and also to edit items. The front end  Angular Client will display data stored from the backend service. These techniques can be reused and recombined in your own MEAN­based web applications.

What we will cover includes:

Mean Stack Introduction:

  • Start with What is MEAN Stack?
  • What is JSON?
  • JSON Syntex
  • Creating a JSON Document
  • Installing and setting up your MEAN development environment
  • Configuring Angular Component with a form to add new items and also to edit existing items
  • Creating http methods
  • Displaying stored items from databasse

Install Node:

  • Download and install Latest Version Of Node
  • What is Node?
  • What is NPM?
  • Updating NPM
  • Learn Basic NPM commands in Node
  • Global Object
  • Synchronous vs Asynchronous
  • Download and install the latest version of Visual Studio and Installing visual studio code


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  • Learn how to connect your Angular Frontend to a NodeJS & Express & MongoDB Backend
  • Installing and working with MongoDB and Node.js

Installing MongoDB:

  • What is MongoDB?
  • Download and Install MongoDB on Windows
  • Modifying environment variables
  • Creating a storage directory for MongoDB
  • Installing MongoDB on Macs
  • Starting and stopping MongoDB server
  • MongoDB Datatypes
  • MongoDB vs RDBMS


Top Udemy Angular Courses

  • Implementing a MongoDB schema 
  • Defining routes
  • Using Postman to interact with backend API
  • Using nodemon to run server
  • Implementing middleware
  • Subscribing to Observables
  • Creating a data service
  • Injecting service into component
  • Editing component
  • Nesting Component

Basic MongoDB CRUD Operations:

  • Creating a database
  • Dropping a database
  • Inserting Documents into MongoDB
  • Querying a document in MongoDB
  • Updating a document
  • Deleting a document

Introduction to Git:

  • What is Git
  • What is Github Now Own by Microsoft
  • Basic Git Architecture
  • Git workflow
  • Retrieving specific configuration settings
  • Download and Installing Git
  • Basic Git Configuration
  • Using Git help

Build an app with ASPNET Core and Angular from scratch

Some Important Keywords: 

  • What is HTTP
  • What is a URL
  • What is an API
  • Angular Buzzwords
  • What is MVC
  • What is a callback
  • What is an Arrow Function

Creating a MEAN Stack Application- Part 1: Building Server-Side API:

  • Creating project directories
  • Initialising the project
  • Installing dependencies
  • Creating the main file
  • Connecting to MongoDB
  • Installing node monitor
  • Testing a route
  • Creating a directory for route and model
  • Introduction to Middlewares
  • Adding Middlewares
  • Adding Routes
  • Creating a MongoDB schema
  • Route and Schema interaction
  • Introduction to Postman

Build Real-time Twitter and Fiverr with Node.js + Stripe

Creating a MEAN Stack Application- Part 2: Building Frontend with Angular 6: 

  • Setting up Development Environment
  • Creating a new Angular 6 Project
  • Serving your application
  • Editing your angular component
  • Creating a new Component
  • Introduction to Observables
  • Introduction to RXJS
  • Configuring the component
  • Configuring a Data Service
  • Injecting service into component
  • Nesting a Testing Component
  • Displaying Items
  • Download and install Installing Bootstrap
  • Configuring Component
  • Implementing Adding a new item
  • Implementing deleting an item
  • Adding Edit form
  • Enforcing required fields input
  • Adding a checkbox function

What Will I Learn?

  • Build a MEAN Stack application
  • Create a new Angular 6 Project
  • Edit a Component
  • Create a MongoDB Schema
  • Use nodemon to manager node server
  • Create a package json file
  • Test Routes
  • Implement Middlewares in your project
  • Understand Observable
  • Understand RXJS
  • Use various Angular ng directives
  • Creating various http methods

MongoDB with PHP – Build OOP Website Prepare for the future

  • Setup a Mean Stack Development Environment 

  • Create a new Angular 6 Component
  • Create a MongoDBb database
  • Start and Stop MongoDB server
  • Create a node and express backend API server
  • Define Routes
  • Use Postman to interact with backend server
  • Create interaction between route and MongoDB schema
  • Subscribe to an observable
  • Add forms to components
  • Install and use Bootstrap


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Who is the target audience?
  • Beginners to MEAN Stack development
  • Novice Programmers
  • Novice developers
Become a MEAN Stack Developer
Learn MEAN: MongoDB; Express; Angular; Node

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