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How to design, create and manage APIs in an API manager

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API Management with WSO2, REST Open API first swagger SOAP



What you’ll learn

  • You will learn to administer and manage API with the WSO2 product, API configuration, publication, security, analytics, monitoring and you will learn how to create an APIS marketplace
  • You will learn what the API Manamegent process consists of, its different phases and the benefits it brings to the company
  • You will be able to install the WSO2 product on a server or using docker containers
  • I will teach you about the architecture and the different modules of the WSO2 product and user management for administration
  • We will carry out the design and planning of the solution to correctly administer and manage the APIs.
  • We will see advanced characteristics of the use of the product and the API Management process in general.


  • Be interested in APIs in general, either from a business, solution architecture or development point of view
  • Be familiar with the APIs
  • Be able to install the product following the instructions of the installation classes


WSO2 is one of the best known and most powerful tools in the field of API management, there is a great demand for jobs for people who know how to work with this tool, but it also offers a great possibility for business analysts, business architects and solutions and managers who want to get the most out of APIs, allows both working with microservices APIs, such as public APIs, SOA APIs, monolith APIs and ultimately with any system that can expose an API.

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In this course you have what it takes to become an expert in this discipline, you just need a lot of desire to learn and have some bases in IT.

This type of tool has very varied uses and always depends on the type and size of the company, however, below we list the most common:

  1. Create a catalog for all the APIs available in the company
  2. Monetize the use of APIs
  3. Measure API traffic and performance
  4. Obtain statistics that allow the use and exploitation of APIs to be obtained, very focused on the business.
  5. Control traffic by limiting APi quotas and resources.
  6. Centralize and / or strengthen the administration of APIs
  7. Design and prototype APIs
  8. Implement fault tolerance mechanism
  9. Act as a proxy.

Who this course is for:

  • It is aimed at students, software developers and in general people who want to learn about administration and management of APIs in a professional way
  • For all those who want to enter the labor market in one of the most demanded topics today within the IT world
  • People who want to learn about WSO2 or who want to learn more about this tool
  • For all those who work with microservices and are thinking of centrally managing communication and API management

How to design, create and manage APIs in an API manager

API Management WSO2, REST Open API swagger

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