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A quick and easy guide on statistical regression for machine learning

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Basic Statistics & Regression for Machine Learning in Python


What you’ll learn

  • Python Basics, Statistics and Regression behind Machine Learning in Python and also using Manual Calculations


  • Basic computer knowledge and an interest to learn the mathematics for Machine Learning


Hello and welcome to my new course Basic Statistics and Regression for Machine Learning

You know.. there are mainly two kinds of ML enthusiasts.

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The first type fantasize about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Thinking that its a magical voodoo thing. Even if they are into coding, they will just import the library, use the class and its functions. And will rely on the function to do the magic in the background.

The second kind are curious people. They are interested to learn what’s actually happening behind the scenes of these functions of the class. Even though they don’t want to go deep with all those mathematical complexities, they are still interested to learn what’s going on behind the scenes at least in a shallow Layman’s perspective way.

In this course, we are focusing mainly on the second kind of learners.

That’s why this is a special kind of course. Here we discuss the basics of Machine learning and the Mathematics of Statistical Regression which powers almost all of the the Machine Learning Algorithms.



In the final session, we will discuss more resources which you can follow for going further from the point that we have already learned.

That’s all about the topics which are currently included in this quick course. The code, notepad and jupyter notebook files used in this course has been uploaded and shared in a folder. I will include the link to download them in the last session or the resource section of this course. You are free to use the code in your projects with no questions asked.

Also after completing this course, you will be provided with a course completion certificate which will add value to your portfolio.

So that’s all for now, see you soon in the class room. Happy learning and have a great time.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner who wants to learn the mathematics for Machine Learning

A quick and easy guide on statistical regression for machine learning

Statistics & Regression Machine Learning Python

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