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Simple step by step approach for developing applications for Face Recognition

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Face Recognition using Python Language



  • Python, Artificial Intelligence, Face Recognition, Introduction, Concepts, Algorithms, and Implementation using Python Programming language
  • Simple Python programming concepts and hands on required
  • Python Programming for Face Recognition Application
  • Project work to develop a full Face Recognition- based Employee Attendance System


  • Knowledge of Computer Science
  • Simple programming fundamentals


Face Recognition is one of the popular domains in Artificial Intelligence having applications in Employee attendance management, Student attendance management, Immigration, Travel Documentation, Surveillance of campuses, and many more.

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In this course, we teach an ordinary beginner to develop Python applications for very useful AI applications using Face Recognition. This course begins with a historical perspective of Face recognition and its importance in the AI-enabled world. We also give the algorithms used in research for some high-level understanding. We first write a Python program to read an image and identify all faces in the image. We explain the concept of face signature.


The next chapter is about developing a program to compute the face signature. We then write Python programs to read faces and compare the signatures and recognize resemblances. We explain the process to create a face recognition application using the data. We write the complete program to recognize the faces of all known people.

We also write a program to recognize faces from the CCTV footage. We coach the reader to understand the applications of face recognition and motivate them towards developing new applications. The tests are given at the end of each section help to summarize the understanding to build further in the right understanding.


Who this course is for:

  • All the Graduates working in the Software Industry
  • Application Developers for Face Recogniion and Artificial Intelligence applications

Simple step by step approach for developing applications for Face Recognition

Learn Face Recognition using Python Language

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