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Learn to implement all the concepts of Flutter and Firebase | Android & IOS

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Build a basic chat app using Flutter and Firebase



What you’ll learn

  • Flutter
  • Firebase
  • Firebase Authentication
  • Google Sign In
  • Exception Handling
  • Real world application




  • Basics of Dart
  • Flutter Basics
  • Eagerness to learn


Undoubtedly, chat apps have become a hot topic of the town and have taken the world by storm in recent years. With 2 billion users accessing the WhatsApp messenger on a monthly bases and projected to generate the revenue of 4.8 billion in 2020, it is safe to say that the chat apps will not go anywhere in future. Monthly active users of the top 3 chat apps including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and WeChat have around 4 billion active monthly users.

Now the important question is “ how you can develop a highly functional chat app and what technologies you can use to create this app?”.

The simple answer to this question is: using Flutter with Firebase!

Flutter app development has taken the world by storm in terms of cross-platform mobile application development. You can use it to create pixel-perfect UIs, and many development companies use Flutter today.

In this course, I am going to introduce you to a mix of both: we’re going to build a chat app UI entirely on the Flutter/Dart coding environment. Along with learning the awesome Chat UI implementation in Flutter, we will also learn how its coding workflows and structures work.

You will learn to build a very basic version of chat application just to make sure we know how to implement Flutter and Firebase Concepts in real world applications.

Steps to Develop Chat App in Flutter With Firebase

  • Firebase Authorization: Sign in, Sign up and Sing Out
  • Firebase Firestore: Upload, Remove and Retrieve Data Stored in Cloud Firestore
  • Creating the Layout of the Chat App Screen
  • Final Linking of the Flutter Chat App with Firebase
  • Implement Search Functionality
  • Caching images to improve user experience

Who this course is for:

  • Intermediate Flutter Developer

Learn to implement all the concepts of Flutter and Firebase | Android & IOS

Build a basic chat app using Flutter and Firebase

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