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Learn to create BI reports and Charts with Python Matplotlib and Seaborn

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Data Visualization with Python and Power BI



You will learn to create numerous visualization charts in electricity BI


You will additionally discover ways to create advanced charts with the aid of writing python code the usage of seaborn and matplotlib


You will learn to create Line chart, Scatterplot, and Violin chart


You’ll also learn to create Strip plot, field plot and Lmplot chart




Before taking this route you ought to have strength bi and python set up on you laptop.



Python is one of the most famous and advanced programming language utilized in numerous domain names together with device gaining knowledge of and facts technology. Python enables you lessen the lines of code into as quick as possible even as keeping it in a readable layout in order that each person can easily understand the implication of python code. In this direction you may study some of the libraries in python and some techniques used to create records visualization charts and facts technology tasks.


Right here, you will learn about creating information visualization charts the usage of python and energy BI commercial enterprise intelligence software. Electricity BI is an advanced software used for huge variety of application regions including facts technology, gadget gaining knowledge of, company useful resource making plans, facts evaluation and lots more. And it makes the method of data cleaning, modelling and visualization very interactive and smooth.


Despite the fact that we should create various forms of charts in strength Bi even without writing a unmarried line of code. However there are various complex issues in information technological know-how that can be solved with the assist of python libraries which include matplotlib and seaborn. Here in this path you’ll learn how to create some of the advanced charts in strength bi by means of writing python applications to create facts visualizations for riding insights and locating outliers that might not be accomplished with the aid of using default charts, one such instance will be Violin chart.


By way of creating a Violin chart you can effortlessly spot the distribution variety or concentration of values based totally on a positive category. This chart could make it intuitive to identify any segregation of values, and uniformity of distribution. It would be very tough to represent such insights the use of some other default charts. Moreover, you will be mastering a lot of such advanced custom charts in strength bi that may be created by way of writing python codes.

The abilities you research in this course may be used in diverse domain names related to statistics technology and information analytics to commercial enterprise intelligence and machine getting to know.


In this route, you may be gaining knowledge of following ideas and visualization charts using python libraries such as pandas, matplotlib and seaborn-


Installing python programs and defining path
Developing a Line chart with matplotlib
Putting labels and growing dashed scatterplot
Violin chart with seaborn
Greater on Violin chart
Lmplot or align plot

Moreover, you’ll also learn to create other visualization charts in electricity bi and other principles such as developing slicer filters and map chart-

Ribbon Chart
Desk and Matrix
Drill Down desk and Matrix
Donut Ring chart
Easy Map and modes
Slicer- fundamentals
Slicers- Date Slicer
Who this direction is for:
Every person who’s curious to examine data science and information Visualization
Students, builders and specialists inquisitive about studying electricity BI and python
Fascinated to create custom charts using matplotlib and seaborn in python


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