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The smart way to master Microsoft Excel and become a rock star at the office



What you’ll research

Keyboard shortcuts and records entry hints and tricks
Filtering, sorting, and formatting your records
Manipulating date and time data with features like DATE, TIME, DATEDIF, and NETWORKDAYS
Transforming and cleansing text records with functions like LEFT/proper, MID, find, alternative, and TRIM
Making use of conditional common sense with the IF, AND, and OR functions
The usage of VLOOKUP to consolidate and reconcile separate datasets
Constructing dynamic fashions with Excel
Making use of conditional formatting, coloration scales, and records bars to offer which means for your facts
The usage of Excel’s effective charting engine to tell the tale of your data with appealing visualizations
Operating with outside records
Managing dependent datasets effectively with Excel Tables
Summarizing and analyzing massive datasets with Excel Pivot Tables
Supercharging your Pivot Tables with Slicers
Automating Excel with VBA Macros






An set up of Microsoft Excel (Excel 365 is used for demonstrations, however the path fabric is compatible with earlier versions).
Excel for Mac should be exceptional in maximum cases, however all direction examples are supplied on home windows.



Whether or not you’re an Analyst who works with statistics for a dwelling, or one of the hundreds of thousands of human beings in places of work everywhere in the international who find themselves spending more time wrestling with spreadsheets than doing their real job, probabilities are top notch that you may supercharge your productivity – and reduce your pressure – by using gaining knowledge of Microsoft Excel.


Excel lets in us to convert, analyze, summarize, and visualize our records with notable power and efficiency, making it the final “glue” application without which many agencies could fall apart. You’ll be surprised at how lots many crucial selections made at the very best stages of organizations, or even governments, are made based on data in an Excel spreadsheet.

Or even better – with the proper teaching approach – Excel is actually pretty easy to grasp.

Now to make sure, Excel is one of the most complicated applications ever constructed, and a course that covers all of its capabilities and capability might remaining well into the next decade. However happily, as with such a lot of things, there is a small percent of Excel’s characteristic set that most people use, maximum of the time.


Because I want to degree up your talents in the shortest time viable, this course is laser-focused on Excel’s most useful and effective functions – the ones you may locate your self going back to, day in and time out.


Here’s a sneak peek at simply some of the things you may analyze:


Keyboard shortcuts and data access hints to help you swat away the ones tedious obligations around the workplace without problems

Formatting pointers to provide your spreadsheets that professional appearance

Filtering and sorting for speedy insights into your records

Crunching out calculations and summary records with Excel formulas and features

Acting “date math” with Excel’s huge array of date and time capabilities

The usage of features to perform complicated operations on text facts

Logical functions like AND, OR, and IF for advanced conditional operations

Grasp the crucial VLOOKUP function for consolidating and reconciling separate datasets

First-class practices for building dynamic models with sophisticated controls for varying version input

Advanced information visualization strategies, such as custom formats, conditional formatting, and – of direction! – charts

Working with external statistics

Managing “based” records efficiently with Excel Tables

Condensing huge datasets into effective commercial enterprise Intelligence using Excel Pivot Tables

Taking your Pivot Tables to the following degree with Slicers

Automating redundant responsibilities with Excel Macros

Enhancing VBA (visible fundamental for programs) code for more best-tuned manage of your Macros

And i go manner beyond the mere mechanics of the way matters work; you may always go to the documentation for that.

Instead, I tie every piece of functionality back to the forms of situations in which it’s miles maximum usually carried out, and reveal those applications with realistic examples.

But with out fingers-on practice to reinforce what you’ve learned, you may as nicely be binging the modern show on Netflix in preference to taking an Excel direction. It really is why I also protected lots of physical games – with solutions – that mission you to use each of the principles we cover in the route to a real global trouble.

Through the end of the path, you’ll have mastered all the abilties you want to take control of your records – and some time – with Microsoft Excel.

Take it from a person who leveraged a foundation of Excel abilities into a career as a statistics Analyst: this understanding will now not most effective prevent endless hours on innumerable responsibilities to your task, it can additionally make you a movie star around the workplace.

So what are you looking ahead to? Enroll these days to grow to be a true Excel energy person. I’ll see you inside the route.


Who this path is for:

Information analysts looking to take their mastery of Microsoft Excel to the subsequent level
Records scientists curious approximately leveraging the energy of excel to make their records munging processes greater efficient
Commercial enterprise those who need to prevent wasting hours of their day on redundant records manipulation tasks
Students looking for clean reasons of some of Excel’s maximum effective capabilities
Everyone who might advantage from manipulating and reworking their information quicker and greater successfully

The smart way to master Microsoft Excel and become a rock star at the office

Learn The Microsoft Excel Analyst Bootcamp


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