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asp.net core 5 production grade API with next generation technology (Oauth2, elastic search, redis, mongodb, rabitmq )

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Hands on ASP.NET Core 5 production grade API Development



What you may research

Warm!! Docker and Docker Compose up to date these days (NEW)
Warm!! Oauth2 and JWT (Upcomming)
Construct actual-world packages with ASP .Net middle three.1
Provider Repository pattern
Unit of labor Implementation
MongoDB for reporting
Elastic search Implementation
International Exception managing
JWT and Oauth2 implemention for tokne base authendication and authorization
Microservice structure of RabbitMQ
Enforce filtering, sorting and pagination
Firebase implementation for notifications
Docker for improvement surroundings and production post
Web hosting utility in nginx server
Redis cache implementation
Test API with Postman and hints for the use of postman
Implement a clean and decoupled structure
Apprehend and apply the Dependency Inversion precept (DIP)
Dependency injection function in ASP .Net core
Troubleshoot not unusual runtime mistakes
Write easy, maintainable and reliable code
Refactor awful code into properly code
Better recognize software program development lifecycle



Fundamental web programming expertise




ASP.Net center five is a fantastic framework to developed relaxation API. But maximum of the course train you best simple element, once they enter practical existence or process existence once they see diverse technology had to advanced a production grade application . Then they frustrated to suppose that what they educate.


On this course I attempt my exceptional to teach my student a manufacturing grade application and developed their basement . All of the modern day era i try to put in force this course.

After completing this route each developer lead them to ninja in software program improvement.



I constantly advised human beings programming is not anything cause every problem you solved the use of condition , loop the usage of variable. But important subject a part of a good programmer is recognize the structure and existence cycle of software program. Scaling, single duty when u understand then you could effortlessly expand manufacturing grade software


Large concept you analyze from this educational series. Asp net version 3 and model five has no foremost changes. Maximum adjustments performed in framework level.



Idea you research shape my direction :

1) relaxation API

2) Layer architecture

Three) Unit of work pattern

4) provider Repository pattern

5) Message dealer

6) Demo work for RabbitMQ

7) Token based authentication device

8) Base Repository Implementation

9) MongoDb Implementation

10) Redis implementation

11) ElasticSearch implementation


Who this route is for:
Asp .Net core lover
Microsoft lover
Relaxation api developer
.Net developer
Asp internet core

asp.net core 5 production grade API with next generation technology (Oauth2, elastic search, redis, mongodb, rabitmq )

ASP.NET Core 5 production grade API Development

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