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Learn how to work with Nuxt JS and build a complete full stack nuxt js app. You will also learn Node Js api development

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Nuxt JS Basic to Advanced With Node JS API- Build a Blog App



What you’ll analyze

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Build a complete Nuxt JS assignment With Node JS API
The way to paintings With Nuxt JS
Nuxt JS Routing
Nuxt JS HTTP Request
Layout a entire Nuxt JS App
How to paintings With Nuxt JS additives
How to layout and increase Node JS API With specific and MongoDB
Build a actual-global App using Node JS, specific JS, Mongodb and Nuxt JS
Nuxt JS Plugin
How to paintings With Bootstrap in Nuxt JS
Responsive layout the use of Bootstrap



In this route, you’ll come to be learning the way to work with Nuxt js and node js for the backend. Nuxt js is a framework of Vue js that allows to build server-aspect rendered applications. You may examine Nuxt js from very basic to superior levels and you may learn how to construct API the usage of node js, express js, and MongoDB. In this direction, you will build your very own API and could hook up with Nuxt js app. So, after finishing this direction you’ll examine frontend and backend development.


Direction structure:


In the starting, you will analyze all the fundamentals of Nuxt js from the way to installation to a way to get API statistics. So you will construct a simple app using Nuxt js and could examine all of the capabilities of Nuxt js and how to do HTTP requests and get API information. You’ll also learn how to pass information from one component to another factor and will become mastering how to reveal photos in the Nuxt js app.


After learning all of the basics, you will learn how to construct an advanced and actual-world Nuxt js app with node js backend. You may analyze Node js, explicit js, and MongoDB and could construct API. You may build a complete weblog app the usage of Node js backend and Nuxt js Frontend. You’ll learn how to work with the MongoDB database and the way to construct Create, replace and delete API the use of node js and explicit js. You’ll also turn out to be getting to know the way to build a complex question of MongoDB. For example- a way to kind statistics and a way to restrict information in MongoDB.


You may learn how to work with Github. We are able to add our task to Github and will learn how to push and do devote changes for our GitHub mission.


Right here are some lists that you are going to learn via the quit of this course:

Nuxt js for frontend improvement:

The way to installation Nuxt js and Nuxt js folder shape.

How to paintings with Nuxt js components.

Layouts of Nuxt js.

Nuxt js Routing and Dynamic routing.

Nuxt js plugin.

Discover ways to work with Bootstrap in Nuxt js.

You’ll discover ways to install Bootstrap-vue in the Nuxt js app.

Nuxt js responsive layout.

Paintings with HTTP Request.

Learn how to work with Nuxt Axios.

Discover ways to get information from backend API and display it on the Nuxt js frontend.


Node js for backend improvement:

How to deploy node js and node js applications.

The way to join express server.

Discover ways to join MongoDB Database.

You will turn out to be mastering specific js routing.

You’ll discover ways to construct API the use of node js and explicit js.

Constructed CRUD operation API.

Learn how to check our API on the postman.

A way to design Database Schema and the way to paintings with mongoose.

You’ll learn how to build a whole app using node js.


In this path, you’ll construct a whole full-stack weblog app. Functions of complete-stack weblog app using Node js and Nuxt js:


This app may have a information Feed web page where we are able to display all of our posts.

This app could have a submit web page where we are able to upload our post to our database.

We are able to have a responsive design for the entire internet app.

The news Feed web page will have study extra alternatives for each and every publish.

After clicking at the studying greater button person may be able to see the information post and we can have a custom details page and we can show our information post.

This running a blog app can have the cutting-edge post capabilities in which we will show the closing 5 posts.

The user may be capable of update and delete post.


Who this course is for:

Beginner want to discover ways to paintings With Nuxt JS
In case you need to realize a way to work With HTTP Request and Json Parsing With Nuxt JS
If you Intend to examine Node JS API improvement
In case you want to build a actual-global assignment With Node JS and Nuxt JS


Learn how to work with Nuxt JS and build a complete full stack nuxt js app. You will also learn Node Js api development

Nuxt JS Advanced Node JS API- Build a Blog App

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