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Straight to the minimal basics that you need to start writing Python Programs !

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how2Py 101 – Beginners Python Crash Course



What you’ll learn

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Research and understand the very basics of Python.
The way to code easy programs in Python
How to use Python to GET facts from website and parse it.



Hey everyone,

Welcome to how2Py 101! Frequently times I were given messages from my pals and collogues saying despite the fact that there are heaps of sources to examine python at the internet, nearly anyone just gave up because it became an excessive amount of immediately.


This course is totally centered at the novices who have in no way done programming however need to research it.

I cognizance on only the core stuff you want to start programming in python.

The necessities.

This path is not for a Certification preparation.

This route is not a deep dive into Python.



This route is meant to be brief and easy to let you get started on coding.

After you start, things will come to you as you practice. You will begin know-how codes.

The way to solve issues. Unfortunately, most beginners publications attempt to teach the whole thing right now, frequently overwhelming absolutely everyone and leading to students giving up earlier than attaining this factor.


That is why I kept all of the motion pictures brief – 4 to 7 minutes and attempted to cowl handiest the fundamentals you want to begin programming.


Like constantly, if you ever need any assist, please do not hesitate.

When you have any audio/video problems or have suggestions, feel loose to message me!

If you love the path or hate the course, allow me realize 🙂


Who this path is for:

Every body who is interested in gaining knowledge of Python.

Straight to the minimal basics that you need to start writing Python Programs !

how2Py 101 – Beginners Python Crash Course

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