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Web Application Security and Ethical Hacking - Master Injection attacks with NoSQL, LDAP, LOG, CSV and SQL injection

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Ethical Hacking: Dive into Injections by Java & Spring boot



What you may examine

Moral hacking with injection assaults
Web protection
Relaxed coding
Square Injection with PostgreSQL
NoSQL Injection with MongoDB
LDAP Injection with OpenLDAP
LOG Injection
CSV Injection
Spring protection shape login authentication
Spring facts JPA
Spring information MongoDB
Spring LDAP
Spring Validation

Are you a Java net developer and need to write at ease code? Do you need to examine ethical hacking and web software safety? With this fingers-on injection assaults path you’ll start learning internet safety using one of the pinnacle vulnerabilities of OWASP pinnacle 10 listing. Injection attack is still listed in top 3 attacks within the OWASP top 10 and it is critical to prevent towards injection attacks to develop comfortable web packages.

As a part of the blue and red protection groups,i’ve a sensible knowledge and i am here to help you research the injection vulnerability in element.

On this route, you will awareness on exceptional kind of injection assaults;

Sq. Injection

NoSQL injection

LDAP injection

LOG injection

CSV injection


Ethical hacking and internet utility security are the two important subjects of Cyber safety area and having practical expertise about Injections will enable you to better apprehend the security ideas and make a quick begin.

In this course i will observe protection-in-depth precept and apply multiple answers to each vulnerability to cozy the internet utility in a couple of layers.


I will follow a palms-on approach. You’ll no longer most effective learn how to take advantage of an utility the usage of distinct form of injection assaults, but additionally broaden the vulnerable programs from scratch in which you’ll have a not unusual internet login module with spring protection shape login authentication, and separate programs for sq., NoSQL and LDAP injections.


The applications could be advanced the use of Java and Spring boot together with the most used statistics assets, together with PostgreSQL for sq. Injection, MongoDB for NoSQL injection and OpenLDAP for LDAP injection.


In every segment there could be;

Development of the susceptible net application using Java, Spring boot and Spring protection

Hacking of the utility with diverse attack payloads and with ethical hacking examples

Protection steps and the implementations to prevent injection assaults

At the give up of the direction you will recognize the specific form of injection vulnerabilities, perform injection attacks in opposition to the susceptible web programs you’ve got advanced, and learn how to guard your applications against the injection attacks using various strategies along with,

Validation and sanitisation using white list method

Parametrised queries with prepared statements

Escaping output

Using at ease depended on libraries

Error handling and logging

Standard coding practices

In case you want to bypass the improvement and handiest perform the hacking of packages, you can leap into the injection lectures and download the source code furnished in the assets section of that lecture. Be aware that you will nonetheless need to install PostgreSQL for sq. Injection, MongoDB for NoSQL injection and OpenLDAP docker box for LDAP injection. You could see a way to installation and configure these facts assets within the starting lectures of each injection section.


Who this direction is for:

Builders keen on internet security, ethical hacking and at ease coding
One wants to dive into injection vulnerability with special assault kinds
One loves to research with a fingers-on technique

Web Application Security and Ethical Hacking - Master Injection attacks with NoSQL, LDAP, LOG, CSV and SQL injection

Ethical Hacking: Injections by Java & Spring boot


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