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Learn and Understand Advanced Python Programming Concepts Along With Latest Updates With Python Newer Versions!

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Python Programming Advanced: Understanding Weird Concepts



What you’ll learn

  • Learn Uncommon Python Topics (Regular Expressions, Decorators, Logging & More)
  • Learn In-depth about Recursion (Tracing Tree, Call Stack, Factorial)
  • Understand In-depth about Regular Expressions (Multiple Examples and Tools)
  • Understand About Recent Python Version 3.8 Updates (Walrus Operator, f String Update)
  • Understand About Recent Python Version 3.9 Updates (Union Operator, Type Hinting, String Methods, Native Time)



  • Basic Knowledge Of Python


[2021 Updated]

Welcome to Python Programming – Advanced Concepts, this course touches on each and every important advanced concept of Python with it’s latest version Python 3.8 and Python 3.9,

Throughout the course, we will explore the advanced python topics –

  • Recursion
  • Lambda Functions
  • Map, Filter and Reduce
  • List Comprehension
  • Regular Expression
  • Decorators
  • Logging
  • Date and Time
  • Updates With Python 3.8- Walrus Operator
    – Positional Only Argument
    – f String and more…
  • Updates With Python 3.9- Union Operators- Type Hinting

    – Zoneinfo and more…


Why this course?

  • The complete course is focused on the concept learning approach, you learn every concept through a logical and visual learning approach.
  • Learn all important concepts in the simplest possible way with tons of examples.
  • The course is 2021 updated.
  • You just need basic Python knowledge, we will cover everything step-by-step from scratch.
  • Code source file and examples are attached with the course (topic wise).

After completing this course you will be ready to work as an Intern, Fresher, or Freelancer and you will also be able to implement everything yourself! Most importantly you will be ready to divide deep with future practice and hard level question of Python. 

Enroll now and I will make sure you learn best about Python advanced concepts.
Note – You need basic knowledge of Python to follow this course as a prerequisite.

Who this course is for:

  • Students (Computer Science / Non-Computer Science) who wants to learn Uncommon Python concepts from the scratch

Learn and Understand Advanced Python Programming Concepts Along With Latest Updates With Python Newer Versions!

Python Programming Advanced: Weird Concepts

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