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Learn the #1 approach to master realistic drawing, sketching and shading. Designed for all skill levels!

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How to Draw from Beginner to Master: Charcoal & Graphite



What you’ll learn

  • You’ll learn the fundamentals of drawing.
  • Gain an intricate knowledge of the charcoal medium, including the paper and tools used to create professional results.
  • You’ll learn time honored drawing techniques, combined with contemporary approaches.
  • Master shading and blending with charcoal.
  • How to create form and depth of field in your drawings.
  • You’ll learn different techniques to drawing portraits and getting proportions of your subjects head.
  • How to use the top 3 portrait drawing methods including Asaro’s Planes, Rileys Rhythm’s and the Loomis Method.
  • Learn an approach to figure drawing and shading.
  • You’ll learn a process and structure to creating a drawing from start to finish, that’s easy for anyone to manage!
  • How to simplify objects to make them easy to draw.
  • How to recognize planes and use them to draw and shade like a pro!
  • You’ll learn How to light (and even photograph) a subject to make drawing easier.
  • You’ll learn an easy approach to shade to create realism in your drawings.
  • How to use your mistakes to your advantage!
  • How to get more energetic, dynamic drawings and keep them from looking stagnant.
  • A system to draw facial features like eyes, noses and lips that you can apply to any object imaginable!
  • You’ll learn an easy way to measure proportions in figure drawings.
  • You’ll gain an understanding of how to easily use the visual geometry of nature to take your drawings to a professional level.
  • We’ll discuss old Master Techniques used by Da Vinci, Michaelangelo, Dali, and many more!
  • You’ll practice figure drawing techniques used by the renaissance Masters.




  • No previous experience is necessary.
  • You’ll need a short list of supplies like paper, a ruler and pencils, etc. (See the supply list video for specific instructions on materials)


Charcoal drawing is one of the oldest mediums known to man and steeped in tradition- From the Renaissance masters to cave paintings predating history. Drawing is the foundation that every art form is built on from painting and design to architecture and digital art! Before using tools like Procreate, it’s essential to have a strong understanding of the fundamentals of traditional drawing.

I designed this course to work for everyone, even students who claim they can barely draw a stick figure! I believe anyone can draw, it is a learned skill, not just something you’re born knowing how to do! You have to be taught, like playing an instrument or learning to read. I created this course for both beginners and experienced artists who want to master traditional drawing techniques. It’s made to help you to progress quickly and get to enjoy drawing!

You’ll learn time honored drawing techniques combined with contemporary approaches, delivered to you in a no nonsense, no fluff video, edited to match anyones pace perfectly. You’ll learn techniques I’ve adapted by masters like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michaelangelo, Dali, and many more, as well as lighting techniques by Rebrandt Van Rijn.

This is an interactive, guided course, so I don’t just want you to watch my demonstrations- it’s designed for you to work along with it. You control the pace and we do each lesson in tandem. I don’t just explain how to draw each line, I explain why I drew it and how I placed it.

By the end of this course, you will have learned and applied a step by step approach to drawing. And with practice, you should be able to produce academic quality drawings of any subject your heart desires.

The lesson plan consists of over 26 Hours of clear, professionally filmed and edited content. And I’m available throughout the day and evening for support and to answer any of your questions.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone from absolute beginners to experienced artists who want to learn or master a traditional drawing technique.
  • Anyone who wants to learn a creative skill that’s built on drawing, like digital animation, painting, architecture or design.

Learn the #1 approach to master realistic drawing, sketching and shading. Designed for all skill levels!

Draw from Beginner to Master: Charcoal & Graphite

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