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Build app & website from scratch using Single Code Base React Native with production ready services from AWS

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Build App & Website on Single Code Base: React Native & AWS



What you’ll learn

  • Learn app and web development from a single code base
  • Learn React Native from beginning to advance
  • Able to unleash the power of AWS and its services
  • Understand the dynamodb database from very basic
  • Learn how to query data effeciently with graphql from frontend and backend
  • Perform a high level of multidimensional advance search with help of AWS Elasticsearch
  • Identify a business structure and form the structure with effeicent code flow
  • Explore and learn serverless image optimization on fly
  • Learn how to build a third party marketplace for both android and web



  • A computer
  • A code editor [ Here I use Visual Studio Code]
  • Basic of Javascript and CSS



Welcome to the course “Build App & Website on Single Code Base: React Native & AWS”,

Have you ever look for programming tools, language and technique to build app and website at a time, from single code base like React Native? Hi my name is Km Habib, I’m a Certified Data scientist and web app developer have been teaching programming over 8 years. As a startup entrepenure I was looking for a coding platform which will take minimum effort and cost but will provide maximum output to build android app and website at a time where It will reduce significant maintainance cost and development time .


There I’ve build the both android app and website and Here I’m presenting you the course where I’ve descrived, how you can create your own app and website using single code base like React Native and Amazon Web Service AWS. All we will learn by doing basically creating a renting third party marketplace app and website.


Here in the course you will learn React native from basic. You also learn linking, routing and navigation using react native. Here you will learn how to create  listing system where user will store listing data in dynamodb using graphql query language. All this listing will be available for authenticated user, which we will create with the help of amazon cognito service as backend service for user database.


You will learn how to create post list and post details for guest user or public there we use serveless image resizer and optimizer using aws cloudformation which has become a great revolution for conventional image resizer for different device size. You will also learn  how to place order and how to show placed order details for borrower and lenders. At the end we will create advance multidimensional searching system where user will able to search a post in 3 perspective, by text , location and category.


In the course we will explore this powerful aws services, we will see how to use those service in a real life project. So if you are programmer want to programm in effecient manner, a startup entreprenuer want to build app and website for your startup or freelance want to gain skill on full stack web and app development using react native and aws then you are in right place. My goal is to see you succeed on course topics. Feel free to join in the course and start coding. So I hope I will see you in the course. Happy learning.


Who this course is for:

  • Programming Enthusiast
  • Startup Entrepreneur
  • Freelancer

Build app & website from scratch using Single Code Base React Native with production ready services from AWS

Learn Build app & scratch Single Code Base React

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