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Recursion and Backtracking Algorithms in Java

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Recursion and Backtracking Algorithms in Java



What you’ll learn

  • Recursion
  • Recursive process
  • Algorithmic techniques based on recursion
  • Backtracking Algorithms




  • Basics programming knowledge
  • A laptop or computer with internet connection


Welcome to this course, “Recursion and Backtracking Algorithms in Java”.

This course is about the recursion and backtracking algorithm.  The concept of recursion is simple, but a lot of people struggle with it, finding out base cases and recursive cases. That’s Why I planned to create a course on recursion that explains the underline principles of recursion in details.

By completing this course you will gain confidence in recursion and backtracking algorithms. In this course we will solve most popular and frequently asked backtracking coding interview questions. By mastering these problems you can map almost any type of backtracking problem to these problem.

This course contains —

— What is recursion and how it works

— Permutations of string of unique character

— Permutations of string of duplicates character

— Array permutations of unique elements

— Array permutations of duplicate elements

— Power set of unique elements

— Power set of duplicate elements

— Subset sum

— Combinations

— Combination sum

— Combination sum ii

— Combination sum iii

— Generate parentheses

— Letter combination of a phone number

— Restore ip addresses

— Splitting a string into descending consecutive. value

— Max length of a concatenated str with unique char

— Partition to k equal subset sum

— Matchstick to square

— Rat in a maze

— M Coloring

Why you should take this course —

  • Detailed explanation of how recursion works
  • How to draw decision tree and translate it into code
  • Contains quiz
  • Ability to ask questions if you don’t understand something

See you inside 🙂

Who this course is for:

  • Curious to learn programming
  • Computer science students
  • Self learning people
  • Competitive programmer



Recursion and Backtracking Algorithms in Java

Recursion and Backtracking Algorithms in Java

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