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NEW GRE 46 Hours Quant Prep | Target NEW GRE 335+

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NEW GRE 46 Hours Quant Prep | Target NEW GRE 335+



What you’ll learn

  • 531+ Solved Questions with In Depth coverage of GRE Inequalities, Absolute value, Percentages, Averages & Alligation,Data,Speed & Time, Work & Rate, Numbers, Permutation & combination, Probability and Geometry.
  • Methods that will help you score 330+ in GRE
  • Quizzes to test your learning
  • Kickstart your GRE engine such that you build on knowledge rather than having a feeling of going nowhere.
  • Easily solve even difficult GRE questions from Inequalities, Absolute value,Percentages, Averages & Alligations,Speed & Time, Work & Rate, Numbers, Permutation & Combination, Probability and Geometry in GRE
  • Learn Maths for GRE in a new fun way. After this course you will be able to approach questions with a new angle of thinking
  • Anyone after attentively going through this course will start to love Math for GRE. You will surprise yourself with the way in which you will start to approach GRE questions.

Course Overview: Mastering GRE Math Basics

Course Requirements:

  • Basic understanding of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Student Testimonials:

  1. “Clear instruction and excellent advice. A winner for achieving high GRE scores.” – Christopher Slater
  2. “This course covers overlooked basics in a detailed and comprehensive way. Worth it for a solid math foundation!” – Gauri Verma
  3. “Ideal for GRE preparation. Well-explained sections, suitable for beginners. Highly recommended!” – Viraj K
  4. “Prepares you from scratch, applicable to real-life scenarios. Best course with prompt doubt-clearing support.” – Mohammad Mouzam Ibrahim
  5. “Boosts confidence with impressive teaching style. Material is easy to understand.” – Rohan Bhatia
  6. “No-nonsense approach to GRE Math. Practical and beneficial for beginners.” – Sonya Shaykhoun
  7. “Instructor explains not just problem-solving but also builds confidence in tackling any problem type.” – Khoushik Reddy
  8. “Awesome content, quick response to doubts. Covers a wide range of topics.” – Ankita S

About the Course:

  • Target Score: 335+ in the new GRE.
  • Structured approach to GRE preparation.
  • Build rock-solid fundamentals before focusing on problem-solving.
  • Topics arranged for easy understanding and mental structure.

Course Content:

  1. BASICS for GRE:
    • Prime numbers, HCF & LCM, fractions, decimals, classification of numbers, BODMAS rule, and exponents.
  2. Algebra Basics for GRE:
    • Word problems, linear equations, algebraic identities. (9+ Solved Questions)
  3. Quantitative Comparison Questions:
    • Techniques to solve QC questions, 30 Solved QC Questions.
  4. Percentages + Average & Alligation for GRE:
    • Basics to advanced level, 27+ Practice Questions solved.
  5. Data:
    • Understand different chart types, practice 8 sets of problems.
  6. Simple Interest and Compound Interest:
    • Concepts explained and solved problems.
  7. Speed, Distance and Time + Work for GRE:
    • Basics to advanced level, 52+ Practice Questions solved.
  8. Numbers for GRE:
    • Divided into 17 sections, covering various topics with 44+ Practice Questions solved.
  9. Permutation and Combination for GRE:
    • 7 Sections, from basics to advanced level, 36+ Practice Questions solved.
  10. Probability for GRE:
    • 9 Sections, explanation sessions, and 18+ Solved practice Questions.
  11. Geometry for GRE:
    • 9 Sections, in-depth coverage, including Trigonometry and Coordinate Geometry. 163+ Solved Questions.
  12. Algebra: Equations for GRE:
    • In-depth coverage of Quadratic Equations, Graphing Quadratic functions, and more. 20+ Solved Questions.
  13. Inequalities and Absolute Values for GRE:
    • Comprehensive coverage to avoid common traps and efficiently arrive at correct answers.

Additional Benefits:

  • Q&A support for GRE preparation.

Who Should Enroll:

  • Students planning to take GRE for the first time.
  • Students aiming to improve their GRE scores.
  • Students seeking a structured approach to GRE preparation.


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NEW GRE 46 Hours Quant Prep | Target NEW GRE 335+


NEW GRE 46 Hours Quant Prep | Target NEW GRE 335+


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