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Master Class: Complete Ichimoku strategies to Multiply asset

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Master Class: Complete Ichimoku strategies to Multiply asset



Mastering Ichimoku Trading: Advanced Techniques for Financial Success

Unlock the Power of Ichimoku Trading with Advanced Strategies

Welcome to “Mastering Ichimoku Trading,” a comprehensive course designed to take your trading and investing skills to new heights. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced trader, this course provides advanced insights and strategies to enhance your proficiency in the dynamic world of financial markets.

What You Will Learn:

  1. Understanding Golden Trends: Define and identify golden trends, gaining insights into market momentum and key support and resistance levels.
  2. Analyzing Sideways Movements: Learn to recognize and define sideways movements in the market, enabling strategic decision-making during periods of consolidation.
  3. Defining Market Momentum: Explore the concept of market momentum and how to leverage it for informed trading decisions.
  4. Line Theories, Wave Theories, Time Theories: Delve into the intricacies of line theories, wave theories, and time theories, providing a holistic understanding of market dynamics.
  5. Identifying Long and Short Trends: Gain insights into determining when the market is likely to experience long or short trends, enhancing your ability to capitalize on favorable market conditions.
  6. Fundamental Analyzation Map: Develop a comprehensive map for fundamental analysis in both stock and crypto markets, guiding you in selecting high-potential projects.
  7. Money Flow of Financial Market: Understand the money flow dynamics in traditional financial markets, crucial for making informed investment decisions.
  8. Finding the Trending Industry: Learn effective methods to identify and invest in trending industries, maximizing your capital growth.
  9. 4M Method for Company Analysis: Utilize the 4M method to analyze company information, facilitating well-informed investment decisions.
  10. Investing in Low Cap Coins: Develop a strategic map for investing in low-cap coins in the crypto market, unlocking potential high returns.
  11. Money Flow of Crypto Market: Understand the nuances of money flow in the crypto market, essential for navigating the volatile cryptocurrency landscape.
  12. Identifying Pump Machines for Low Cap Coins: Learn how to identify potential “pump machines” for low-cap coins, optimizing your crypto investment strategy.
  13. Price Target Estimation: Master the art of estimating price targets, a crucial skill for setting realistic and profitable trading goals.
  14. Automated Trading with Ichimoku Alert System: Step-by-step guide on how to trade with an automation alert system, perfect for busy traders seeking efficiency.
  15. Case Selection for Trading: Understand scenarios where skipping trading is a wise decision, minimizing risks and ensuring strategic trading.
  16. Risk Control Power Method: Develop a powerful method to control risk effectively, safeguarding your investments in various market conditions.


  • Basic understanding of finance markets: stocks, crypto, forex.
  • Motivation and a serious attitude to practice the strategies.


Ichimoku, meaning “one look,” is a powerful trading tool that allows traders to determine momentum, support, and resistance at a glance. In this course, we go beyond traditional methods and guide you through advanced techniques to master Line theory, Time theory, and Wave theory effectively.

Key Course Features:

  • Learn to use Ichimoku Automation Alert system to manage up to 100 assets simultaneously.
  • Analyze fundamental aspects of stocks and crypto markets for informed decision-making.
  • Gain insights into choosing potential projects and investing in low-cap coins.
  • Implement Ichimoku strategies with Dollar-Cost Averaging, small and big base trading strategies.

This course is structured from beginner to advanced levels (Level 0 to Level 5), offering a comprehensive learning journey. Each level provides in-depth knowledge and practical skills applicable to various market scenarios.

Prepare for a transformative experience that will equip you with the skills needed to thrive in financial markets. Join us in the course, and let’s embark on a journey to a successful year of trading and investing together.

Who this course is for:

  • New and experienced traders aspiring to be profitable in trading and investing.
  • Part-time traders and professionals seeking strategies to manage multiple assets efficiently.


Master Class: Complete Ichimoku strategies to Multiply asset

Complete Ichimoku strategies to Multiply asset

30 days of trading : Mastering key level strategy for 2024


What you’ll learn

  • Real story behind Key level
  • Two types of waves to analyze Market structure
  • Count number of candles to know which Time frame of Key level
  • 4 Factors TZMC to have a nice trade : Trend, Zone, Momentum and Confirmation
  • Using FIC standard to judge momentum and increase win rate
  • Multiple timeframe and market cycle theory
  • Confluence strategy at level 1 – Single timeframe for new traders
  • Analyzing TREND – ZONE – MOMENTUM – CONFIRMATION to find a nice chance
  • Assumption key level in trading – hard case
  • Complicated market structure in trading
  • The first week to practice CKL strategy
  • Confluence strategy at level 2 – Double Reward per risk and win rate
  • Detail examples with Indices, Forex, Crypto… knowing how to trade on diffirence markets
  • How to entry at WEAK ZONE
  • How to entry at STRONG REVERAL POWER case


30 days of trading : Mastering key level strategy for 2024

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