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MS-Excel For Civil Engineers for Project Planning From Zero

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MS-Excel For Civil Engineers for Project Planning From Zero



Excel for Construction Professionals: From Basics to Advanced Tools – Comprehensive Course

Supercharge Your Career in Construction with Excel Mastery

This course is your ticket to becoming an outstanding construction professional, equipped with essential Excel skills. From basics to advanced tools, learn how to stand out among your colleagues and friends by mastering MS-Excel in the context of the construction industry.

What You Will Learn:

  1. Elevate Your Career:
    • Gain a new dimension in your career, making you stand tall among colleagues and friends.
    • Complete Excel mastery from start to finish on live construction projects.
  2. Independent Spreadsheet Creation:
    • Create your own spreadsheets without relying on others for your construction projects.
  3. Fundamentals from Civil Engineering:
    • Explore all the fundamentals from civil engineering and understand their application in MS-Excel.
    • Apply Excel tools for tasks such as estimation, planning, bar bending schedule, and structural design.
  4. Dashboard Creation and Data Presentation:
    • Develop your own dashboard and present data like a pro in the construction industry.

Course Highlights:

  • Basic to Advanced Coverage: This course spans from basic commands to advanced tools, ensuring a holistic learning experience.
  • Live Project Application: Apply your knowledge to real-life projects, creating Excel sheets for estimation, planning, and structural designing.

Topics Covered:

  1. Excel Introduction:
    • Overview of the screen, navigation, and basic spreadsheet concepts.
    • Various selection techniques and shortcut keys.
    • Customizing Excel, including customizing the ribbon and using AutoCorrect.
  2. Using Basic Functions:
    • Application of functions like Sum, Average, Max, Min, Count, Counta.
    • Understanding absolute, mixed, and relative referencing.
  3. Formatting and Proofing:
    • Currency format, format painter, formatting dates, custom and special formats.
    • Formatting cells with number formats, font formats, alignment, borders, etc.
    • Basic conditional formatting.
  4. Mathematical Functions:
    • SumIf, SumIfs, CountIf, CountIfs, AverageIf, AverageIfs, nested IF, IFERROR statement, AND, OR, NOT.
  5. Protecting Excel:
    • File level protection, workbook, and worksheet protection.
  6. Text Functions:
    • Upper, lower, proper.
    • Left, mid, right, trim, len, exact, concatenate, find, substitute.

Who Should Take This Course:

  • Civil Engineers
  • Structural Engineers
  • Construction Engineers
  • Contractors
  • Civil Engineering Students

Embark on the journey to becoming a construction professional with Excel expertise. Enroll now and unlock the full potential of MS-Excel in the construction industry.


MS-Excel For Civil Engineers for Project Planning From Zero

MS-Excel Civil Engineers Project Planning From Zero

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