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 Do you want to know, How to get any “UDEMY” Course for “FREE”


Who is eligible:


  1. if you’re a Programmer/Developer, this is for you. especially for those who learn on their own and want to learn more advanced stuff, we’re here to help you.
  2. In other words, we’re going to help those who are curious enough to learn programming language on their own and already took the first step on their own.


What you need to do:


  1. Participate in “SmartyBro 1-Week Quiz Challenge” ….each round separately on (Python, Java, Javascript, Php etc.) Programming Languages. You can participate in all programming language Quiz round if you know them all.
  2. Complete Quizzes and Earn Points. 
  3. A participant who top the leaderboard (Combined all points from all Quizzes in that 1-week quiz challenges) get the chance to ask any “UDEMY” Course for FREE (Gift).
  4. if you want to take on quizzes outside the “1-Week Quiz Challenge”, feel free to do so, Points will still be added in your account but not for this challenge.
  5. Even if you get any “UDEMY” course for FREE, points still remain in your account….you can redeem those points on “SmartyBro Shop” at any time.

  6. if any winner doesn’t want any course (they believe, they can buy themselves and want to help others too) will be rewarded to the next Winner Participant (we appreciate your positive and kind thinking).
  7. We’ll choose more participants apart from Top Winner, who is curious, eager to learn and need help (We LOVE “SmartyBro”).


Where you’ll find all Quizzes:

  • You can check “QUIZ Section” at the top of the screen where you have your account section as well.
  • You can also visit this link QUIZif you have a problem locating them.


How to know which Programming Language Quiz Round is going on right now:


  • You’ll just know, you’ll see SmartyBro “1-Week Quiz Challenge” Notification inside currently running Programming Quiz round
  •  you’ll see below images over/inside quizzes which are part of the “1-Week Quiz Challenge”.

"SmartyBro" Quiz Challenges - get to chance to win any Udemy Courses for Free Hurry   SmartyBro Quiz Challenge - Get any 'UDEMY' Courses for Free

  • Still having a problem, Complete below Quizzes of “1-week Quiz Challenge” asap


Live Quiz (1-week Quiz Challenge)

  1. Python Challenge – Variable, Operators, Data Types & Numeric Types (Q&A) –   (07-11-2019)
  2. Python Challenge – Precedence and Associativity (Q&A) –  (08-11-2019)
  3. Python Challenge – Bitwise (Q&A) –  (09-11-2019)
  4. Python Challenge – Formatting (Q&A) –  (10-11-2019)
  5. Python Challenge – Advanced Formatting and Decorators (Q&A) –  (11-11-2019)
  6. Python Challenge – While and For Loops (Q&A) –  (12-11-2019)



  • Complete Quizzes and Earn Points  (Combine of all “1-Week Quiz Challenge” points, Top the Leaderboard with maximum Points)
  • A participant who Top the Leaderboard will get the chance to get any “UDEMY” course of their liking for absolutely “FREE”