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Coding Games in Python

26 Feb , 2020  





What you’ll learn
  • Learn the fundamentals of writing 2D Arcade games in Python
  • Understand basic collision detection, collision resolution for top-down, ball-bouncing, and platformer games
  • Write games such as Tank Attacks, Brick-Breaker, Platformer Game(like Super Mario), Tetris
  • Basic Knowledge of Python(Crash Course Python notes available)

Learn how to code Arcade games in Python! We will use the Python Arcade Library to code games. Arcade is a very easy to use library. It is more intuitive, requires less boiler-plate code and more Pythonic than Pygame.


The library has many contributors on Github and is actively maintained with almost daily updates.


Learn to code the following games:

1) Tank Attacks: A top-down tank shooting game.

2) Brick Breaker: Classic brick breaker game.

3) Platformer Game: A Mario-like side-scrolling platformer game(side scrolling, with climbing ladders and moving platforms). This game is written from scratch; we implement all of the platformer collisions and resolution without using any physics library.


4) Tetris.

And more to come soon!   

We will learn the fundamentals of writing arcade games including:


1) Drawing basic shapes

2) Basic Animation

3) Keyboard and Mouse inputs

4) Working with Images and Sprites

5) Animating Characters/Sprites

6) Basic Collision Detection

7) Resolving Wall Collisions for Top-Down Games


8) Shoot Bullets, Aim and Shoot at Angle.

9) Scrolling   

10) Simulating Explosions

11) Adding Sounds

12) Using Tiled Map Editor to Create Game Maps/Worlds

13) Implementing from scratch Ball-Brick Collisions for Brick-Breaker Game


14)  Write a Platformer Game like Super Mario from Scratch(side scrolling, with climbing ladders and moving platforms)

15) Learn how to write Tetris from scratch!


Who this course is for:
  • Any level Python students who would like to learn how to write Arcade games.

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Learn how to code Arcade games in Python!


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